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  • Store in Berlin

Special info

  • collect stickers & save money
  • ab 50€ Bestellwert keine Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands
  • frau tulpe stoffe
  • Versandkostenfrei Europa
  • Frau Tulpes Video


And here is how it works:

-       With every purchase online or in our Berlin store you receive one tulip per every full 20€ value of goods.

-       From 40€ you get 2 stickers, from 60€ 3 stickers etc.

-       With 15 tulips you receive a 20€ discount on your next purchase.

-       To cash in the discount, a code will be send to you via e-mail.

-       The 20€ discount has to be used in one single purchase and cannot be split up for multiple purchases.

-       If you collect 15 or more tulips with a purchase, a new „collecting book“ will be started automatically,

-       and the code will be send to you.

-       You can only collect tulip stickers if you have a user account. Non-registered customers cannot collect tulips.

-       Tulip stickers cannot be requested in arrears or for several smaller purchases under 20€ put together.

-       Tulips you collect online can be combined with the ones you receive in our store. Contact us for details.

-       If you are registered as a business customer, you cannot collect tulip stickers.

-       The 20€ discount cannot be converted into a gift voucher.

-       The time frame for collecting tulips is not limited, your „collecting book“ will not expire.